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Say it LESS Clearly A.K.A. Learn how to Dismantle a Sink

On a recent volunteer project I was asked to take apart a bathroom sink. I didn’t know what question to ask, where to start. I felt like a complete moron (I’m smart. I TEACH communication classes! How could I not… Continue Reading →

Testimonial for Fletcher’s Strategy Sessions

One of my favorite clients wrote this on my Facebook page today. “Terra I so have come to appreciate our monthly strategy sessions face-to-face at the Bowman Performance Consulting office each month. You are much more than a “vendor” that… Continue Reading →

How to Save Time on Social Media

Think social media takes too much time? Follow these steps. Use these tools. Your social media marketing will be more effective and – dare I say – enjoyable! Know your Audience The first step to any effective marketing campaign is… Continue Reading →

Twitter Wants to Be your TV

At the end of April Bloomberg Businessweek wrote an article by the same title. Twitter’s ad revenue is thought to reach $1.1 billion this year. That’s right, billion, with a “B.” Twitter’s Amplify aims to take advantage of media companies… Continue Reading →

PSC Codes

Fletcher Freelance provides products and services that fall under these PSC codes. If you have any questions about the products and/or services we offer please call 715-584-6773 today. PSC Code Description of Service D315 Digitizing Services D399 Other Computer Services… Continue Reading →


Not sure what Fletcher Freelance can do you for you? Here are a few of the services we offer. NAICS Code Description of Service 512110 Motion Picture and Video Production 512120 Motion Picture and Video Distribution 512199 Other Motion Picture… Continue Reading →

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